Outline of Fees Payment Policy

1. Use Ecobank electronic collection platform by visiting any branch of the bank with pupil’s bill and pay the required amount either directly into the school’s account or through the fee paying system with the child’s code.

2. Use pupil’s code to pay when using the fee paying system.

Admission fee is non-refundable

All fees, with the exception of canteen, swimming and Smartribe are paid during vacation or on the day school reopens for each term at any Ecobank branch. Please ensure that the correct account name and branch is written as seen below:

Account Name Bank Branch Pay in by
New Mission Academy Ecobank Ghana Limited Adum [Use the name of your ward/child]

  1. Pay in slip must be submitted to the school for official receipt. Management reserves the right to increase school fees during the course of the academic year in order to give your child the best. This will however be done in consultation with parents.
  2. A full term’s fees is payable irrespective of the actual date of admission, re-entry or withdrawal.
  3. All new pupils must pay their fees in full before gaining access to their classroom.
  4. Dishonoured cheques will attract a 10% penalty of the face value of the cheque.

Other Payments

Canteen, swimming and Smartribe fees should be paid at the school’s cash office before or on the day of re-opening for each term. New Mission Academy welcomes you and wishes you a wonderful stay.