1. A child who falls sick in school will be given the relevant first aid as deemed fit or sent to the hospital.
  2. It is expected that a sick child will stay away from school until he/she has fully recovered.
  3. In the event of an accident at school, the child is immediately taken to the hospital and parents informed as soon as possible.
  4. A child with any form of contagious illness is advised to stay away from school until he/she has fully recovered. Contagious illnesses like cough, rash (cradle spot, mumps) etc in children should NOT be brought to school when they are sick.


  1. School begins at 8:00am and closes at 3:00 pm. However, the school’s gate is closed at 8:00 am to facilitate effective teaching and learning. A grace period of one hour is given after school. Parent are encouraged to pick their children up on time to enable the children prepare for the ensuing day.


  1. The child’s uniform should be clean and mended always.
  2. Extra clothes and diapers should be added for changing. (Pre-school)
  3. The girl child should always keep hair as neat as possible. Hair should be neatly and shortly braided or short combed.
  4. Pupils should come to school with black or white sneakers/ shoes and white socks on the days that the school’s print is worn and any comfortable footwear on the days that the T-shirt is worn.


  1. Snack for the child should be wholesome.
  2. Snack should most of the time be of varieties so that the child does not get bored with it.
  3. Lunch is compulsory for ALL pupils except where there is doctor’s advice.

Home Work

  1. Parents should supervise, inspect, sign and give comments to all homework before it is returned to school. If the homework is not submitted consistently on three occasions, the parent will be invited to a meeting with the teacher and management.