At New Mission Academy, we value Service and Humility.

Every youngster who follows the principles on which New Mission was established will receive a holistic education from us. We make it a priority to provide our children with an education that will prepare them for life in the twenty-first century. On the same vein, the relationships, principles, and self-assurance students forge here will serve as an excellent springboard for all of our New Mission's future endeavors in higher education.



Our mission is to help every student reach their full potential.

- To foster their intellectual, emotional, social, creative, moral, and physical growth so they can become responsible, tolerant, discerning, self-assured, and competitive citizens in a demanding and challenging society.

- We work to foster a culture of lifelong learners by fostering the growth of imagination, creativity, independent thought, academic success, and a passion for the world.


As educators and parents, it is our goal to support each kid in realizing their full potential in a setting that values and respects all cultures.

We work hard to foster respect, creativity, independent thought, inventiveness, academic excellence, and zest for life.

We want our kids to graduate as admirable people with strong moral principles who are equipped to handle any situation and take on the difficulties of a world that is changing quickly.